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Transaction Dream Team

Buying or selling a property involves a team of professionals working together to make the transaction a success. That’s why I’ve assembled a Transaction Dream Team of preferred, experienced, qualified, and professional service providers to support my clients.

My Free Comparative Market Analysis Includes:

Experienced and Professional Lender

My lender partners have a proven track record of providing excellent service to my clients. They’ll work with you to find the best mortgage product for your needs and ensure that the financing process is as smooth as possible.


My inspector partners are experienced and knowledgeable about local properties. They’ll provide a thorough inspection of the property you’re interested in and give you an objective report on its condition.

Title and Deed Prep Attorney

My attorney partners will ensure that the title is clear and that the deed is prepared correctly. They’ll also handle any legal issues that may arise during the transaction.


My handyman and contractor partners are experienced and qualified to handle any repairs or improvements that may be necessary. They’ll provide quality workmanship at a fair price, ensuring that your property is ready for sale or move-in day.

The Dream Team


With my Transaction Dream Team, you can rest assured that you have the best professionals working for you. I’ve carefully vetted each member of our team to ensure that they provide the highest level of service and expertise.

Contact me today to learn more about my Transaction Dream Team and how they can help you with your real estate transaction!

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